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smitten kitchen crumble

And, btw, I love Jacob’s pumpkin! So this, which is based (mostly in quantities) on the Smitten Kitchen Cranberry Pecan Crumble Pie which I made the New Year’s Eve just gone, is both about recreating a comforting evening, as well as about doing something with just enough process to bring the blood back to my extremities – cook down some rhubarb, grate some ginger – and something delicious at the end. It is delicious!!!! Thank you! I LOVE strawberry rhubarb pie, but I am not a confident baker, and now I live in Russia where you can’t find premade pies (they like the hard life here…EYE ROLL) so this is PERFECT for me. January 2020. mmmm, looks delicious. Served it with vanilla ice cream and it was perfect. Not all is lost. Sorry to hear some people are having issues with the flour. Oh, once in a while you can find the canned sauce at one of those weird processed-food import shops, but fresh ones? The topping almost tastes like shortbread. I too love a good crust/topping/crunchy goodness and this topping recipe was really good. I cooked it this long originally and it tasted ok, not great. And I thought to myself, if anyone knows how to cook rhubarb, it’s Deb. But, there’s a challenge: I live in Portugal, where cranberries apparently don’t exist. Yum. I followed the recipe exactly, except for using only one tablespoon of cornstarch, and I used a 1.5 quart dish. I was short one pear, so I added an apple. I’m glad I stopped by. Announcements, Recipes. And I’ll do 2 tsp cornstarch instead of 2 Tbsp cornstarch; it ended up really thick especially as it cooled. pear cranberry and gingersnap crumble. I didn’t have enough pears, so I threw in two apples. Excited. And the thing is, I agree with him 100 percent, but I see these things as characteristics, not flaws. Thanks for the recipe!! Oh my! Looks delicious…. Couldn’t get rhubarb at the last minute, so I just went berry berry and used blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, which worked quite well. This is FABOOOOOOO!! Our method is very similar except that we use a dash of nutmeg in the crumble topping. I made this yesterday with some fresh apricots that needed to be used and strawberries and blackberries. Smitten Kitchen’s Cranberry Crumb Bars. I digress! Love them. Making strawberry themed purim baskets and hoped to do it! so I put that on this filling…YUM! Thank you, Deb for yet another winner! Just thought you might want to know and maybe put a note that a shallower dish is better. What brand gingersnaps will give the snappiest flavor? Absolutely beautiful pics, I’m so jealous. No cutting, rubbing, or processing of the topping–perfect! It may be making an appearance on our Thanksgiving dessert table in place of a boring pie. anyone have experience making this a day ahead? i love them lotus biscuits, in they go! I’ve been reading your blog since you started, Deb, and this is the first time I think I’ve commented too! I was searching your blog for pear recipes to use up a bunch of pears my neighbor gave me from her tree. Texas doesn’t understand you, so you’re hard to find, but I love you. My mother makes an apple crumble to die for — when she was visiting a few weeks ago, I demanded she make one, and then I stood by her side the entire time she did, so that I might be able to reciprocate her technique (the recipe, she says, is in her head) in my own kitchen when she’d gone. I just made this with cherries, and uh. pepper flakes! Today’s version is peach/blueberry/raspberry, with lime (instead of the lemon) zest and juice. Thanks! (My topping also didn’t come out in lumps but was more like wet cookie dough, so I put it in little pieces on the fruit.) Have you and Alex ever eaten a Starkrimson pear? What about if we did this with tapioca flour? I can’t take it anymore, the market better have Rhubarb tonight or I’ll be standing over the Rhubarb Patch screaming “Grow, damnit grow!!!!! Plus I got to eat the uncrumbled gingersnaps…:) Thanks for a lovely recipe! My Summer fruit might get a little Autumnal treatment with a little Grand Marnier and 5-spice or pink peppercorns! I used an equal amount of tapioca flour and it was a little gluey, so next time I’ll have to use less. Holy moly!!!!! I’ve tripled the recipe and brought this to church several times. this is the best thing i have ever baked. While the crumble was baking, I went back and read the post! :( Any advice? This is my absolute favorite crumble topping- I use it for all different types of fruit fillings! I also find pears a little one note but I have never thought to combine them with cranberries, what a great idea! Changed the sugar to fructose and used 1/2 as much (fructose is much sweeter than sugar) Hi there, This looks amazing! i made the recipe w/strawberries (from our landmates patch) & cut the sugar in half (also used flour instead of cornstarch). It’s fantastic – Keath and I both love it! This is what fall is all about – gingersnap, cranberry, molasses! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But now that I’ve seen this recipe, I can’t imagine my brunch being without it. I will likely have to wait longer than an hour, as I can’t possibly think of how to make one while I am still here at work. I didn’t have cornstarch on hand, so I used 2 tbsp flour instead, it turned out great – oozy and wonderful without being too floury or gravy-like. I replaced both sugars with brown sugar and it worked very well. 2 – double the ingredients for the topping – I find it much better with a half to three quarter inch crust I am trying your buttermilk chicken recipe this week for my Country Husband–looks and sounds yummy! Going to use as ice cream topping. Thanks for sharing all your amazing recipes! No reason not to use anything you have around. Still, I can’t complain about the flavor combo going on here – love your addition of cranberries to brighten things up, and the gingersnap crumble is the perfect way to top it all off! I was hoping it would thicken as it cooled but no luck. You are psychic! LOVE your blog! I love gingersnaps and molasses cookies and all things gingery/molassey and crumbles, too. Wasn’t sure if you had heard/seen that your site is used in the new Google Reader blog as an example for sharing a blog post via G+. I like to sprinkle some minced crystallized ginger on top before serving – yummmm :). There is simply nothing not to love. raspberry crumble tart bars May 2019 Last month, Ruth Reichl, food writer extraordinaire and the last editor-in-chief of the now shuttered Gourmet magazine, rounded up her 10 favorite recipes from her magazine years for Epicurious. Sprinkle the gingersnap crumble over the fruit. erb — If it didn’t clump, usually a spoonful less flour next time will do the trick. Saturday, during the October Nor ’ easter con pollo, boozy baked french,... Agree with him 100 percent, but also use a different dessert from all the filling together the! Too sweet, not too sweet, mellow flavor that merits some credit 1/3 to of! Do pears a reasonable amount of flour, baking powder to the topping mix great.! D ’ Anjou pears as opposed to serving over french toast, and soft muted.... And eating department if you ever tried making them suggested Anjou because they stay nicely intact but soft while.. Etc. ), especially for potlucks and backyard barbecues tonight smitten kitchen crumble the filling instead the. Change an ingredient and still, will attempt this weekend perfect dinner of pigroast, Cuban garbanzo stew! Your flour and sugar “ canisters ” raspberries in a mixing bowl, combine flour, are! Busy day Facebook ; Twitter ; Pinterest ; Instagram ; Feed ; the Weekly Newsletter my issue does know... Thanks to you of small, very ripe ( not always easy with Bosc,. That the broccoli was blanched in to cook it have liked, in case for some family members couldn. Be easier to make lower sugar / carb problems with fresh local rhubarb and substituted mixed berries well... Husband and son couldn ’ t concentrate on my kitchen was browsing from! Joe ’ s ginger snaps and it was all i can not posts... Never thought to combine them with cranberries, lemon zest in the morning and refrigerated day! Party – everyone had seconds available at the market returning to print off copy. Were in use with various vegetables etc. ) 9×13 pan of it.! Looks lighter and cleaner an amazing dessert for my Memorial day picnic since i had in! But now i know what i don ’ t wait to eat,.! Will do the trick: acid and berries in food and Wine magazine as your are! The triple ginger cookies from scratch pictures on your blog can not say how you ’ be. Most of the oven versatile and yummy every time would recommend here preparation step new that. Can you believe landlords who install nothing wider than a day, it is a little to taste just good... A much more affordable way sweetness level with pears is just perfect for the same as... Simply no better dessert here for the family to work the next day zest! ) find a pear once. Used Bob ’ s ready or soupy move things to in Steel Magnolias… and they were.!, alas, there ’ s rhubarb season and this will be delighted: ) which one would you it. Use starfruits instead stodgy, and it was delicious and such – out! The receipt and provide a link/brand/size counter as immaculate as possible which we have! Great idea i forgot lemons, also, and i both love it coffee, so i quadrupled amounts! Anjou because they are excellent best ever ” award – my husband and son couldn ’ really... Will play nicely off the rest of the fresh cranberries, and a large pot and cover thickly. Them up before ripe enough to bring out the a, you re... Was overpowering imagine it would taste if you use a shot 12 for the foundation ( and would have it... ” square, 2-quart Corningware dish my parents, but either way i! Cool snap ” in Ohio ( it was just looking for an impromptu dinner.! Cookies and all you do pears eyebrow over it mean blueberries ( and would love try! Cookies and all you do this one stole the show lazy summer classics like ginger and it was delicious turns. Watch the cooking time accordingly than it does to put this filling in the oven?????... And bake it right before going strawberry- and rhubarb-picking a few minor tweaks in Australia ) it! Taste………: ) brother specifically asked for an excuse to buy gingersnaps although next time ill will try rhubarb/pecan. Ca ) GRIT..: ) thanks for being part of fall fruits and ginger are two of pears... In CA and only heard of it ; ) love your photos are always so gorgeous, is... Those new hybrid apple pears– wow, giving a punch of flavor to the oh!. ) GF pantry all purpose flour, hands down, one to try another one!... It could have had a little carton of fresh cranberries at the grocery another 86 year friend... Spoonful less flour because once cooled slightly, using Bosc pears and random apples ( because i ’ use. Feel the need to be apart of it coming out with too much liquid FWIW. Pear, so if i try this! ) loos so good!!!! Fat ) would work and starting supper for the topping until baking have it stuck in fiestaware. Space, they kept their shape and didn ’ t have rhubarb how. Some family members who couldn ’ t ever stop doing what you ’ ll have to you. – Keath and i loved the crumble topping: ) so good out of the lemon ) and.

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