The 16-inch MacBook Pro

I have been using a brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro for the last week. Here is my two-sentence review:

The machine is very fast. I prefer the butterfly keyboard

It seems only appropriate to break down a longer review into two areas: the keyboard, and the rest.

Durruti II (left) and Yuri III (right)

The keyboard

There, I said it. I prefer the butterfly keyboard. Hear me out.

I have been rocking a 13” MacBook Pro for the last couple of years. I have beaten the crap out of the keyboard, and it looks like I have been pretty lucky: the keyboard has worked reasonably well.

There has been a few times when a key or two got stuck, usually the letter r and the right hand side of the space bar, but pressing the key several times with a certain degree of energy and blowing at an angle seemed to be enough to unstuck them.

So, there’s that. The old keyboard worked for me, it never broke for me. I liked the short key travel, I liked the clickety noise.

Now, the 16-inch… it is a nice keyboard, but it has too much travel for me, so I tend to miss keystrokes. Apparently I don’t press the keys deep enough.

The rest

There isn’t much more to say. The thing is fast, really really fast. And it better be, given the specs: 2.4 GHz 8-Core i9 with 32 GB of RAM

Compared to the 13”, it is bulky, but in isolation, carrying it around town in a backpack, it does not feel that heavy. I always liked the portability of the good old machine, but I don’t feel like I’ve made that much of a sacrifice in terms of size and weight, specially considering how much computing power I’ve gained.

The stickers

I get a lot of questions about the stickers, one that comes up a lot is “why?”

To me, stickers are like the laptop’s tattoos. They tell the laptop’s story, they tell the adventures that the laptop and myself have been through together: WordCamps, team meet-ups, that one day I had to compile this or that codebase…

So that’s why Durruti is still not completely covered in stickers. Our life together has just started, we still have to go through a few more adventures.

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