WordCamp: a SwiftUI app

I started playing with SwiftUI the moment it was announced at WWDC 2019.

After the initial pass through the tutorials I thought it would be good to build something that could resemble a real life project, a UI that is populated with data obtained from a remote endpoint.

So, given the affinities and unavoidable synergies product of my day job, I though it would be neat to start building something that could eventually become a WordCamp app for iOS

Because, as I mentioned, I have a day job (partly because I like to eat everyday and I like to pay my share of the rent) I have not been able to put much time or effort into it, but I have a prototype that renders some data on iOS / iPadOS / watchOS and tvOS.

The thing still needs a lot of work to become more than just a prototype, but, you know, open source all the things, so here is the source code, for everyone to play with it, and for everyone to contribute PRs to it😉


I have the honourable intention of maintaining it and keeping shaping it until it becomes something worth of a public release. But you know what they say about good intentions.

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