ImageMagick caches

Lately I have been noticing how my laptop was becoming more and more sluggish. Not to the point of being plain slow, but in a kind of “you should start thinking about a replacement” way.

Considering the machine is a bit more than one year old, and that it was maxed out when I purchased it, well, that was not a nice thing to notice.

So, I started looking around, to see if there was something off, and indeed there was:

That’s not too much free space

So I run GrandPerspective, a little app that shows the space used by the disk visually, and immediately found the reason: a few really large ImageMagick caches.

It turns out that as part of the process to document pull requests, sometimes I use a little app called DropGif to generate gifs from screen recordings of the features / fix in the PR to add it to its description. It seems someone here is not doing their cleanup properly.

So, after clearing the ImageMagick caches:

Much better!

It’s like having a brand new computer!

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