Swift.org is up. Today was a good day

So, the whole swift.org thing happened while I was sitting on a chair in the sky, and I was not aware of it until a few minutes ago, when I launched my twitter client and felt immediately flooded by the section of the community.

There is a lot of reading ahead of me this weekend, but I couldn’t help but writing a few of the first things that came to my mind after a quick inspection of the documentation.

There are a lot of reason to embrace Swift if you haven’t done it yet. And now, there are even more reasons. Again, this list is compiled after a quick glance and the flood of documentation. But, yeah, if feels so good to be able to write this!

  • github.com/apple That, alone, says a lot.
  • Swift Package Manager. Finally!
  • Foundation has been rewritten, in Swift!!?? At the very least, the docs mention it has been built to be completely independent of the Objective-C runtime. In my book, that’s a win.
  • libdispatch. I’m a big fan of NSOperation, so this is more like a very mild yay. But yay, anyway (and yes, I know NSOperation is built on top of GCD)
  • XCTest is listed as a Core Library. Being the TDD zealot I am, the fact that the testing library is considered a “core” one, can only be good (and I hope I don’t need to eat my words later on)
  • There is a roadmap for Swift 3. And it looks awesome.
  • API design guidelines. Please, if you write code for a living, no matter you language of choice, read those.
  • There is a new Swift blog. Again, sign of the times.
  • Contribution is actively encouraged. I love, in particular, the “Triaging Bugs” section. Do you remember what “File a radar” really meant? Well, apparently, not anymore.

To those that were saying, still a month ago, that Swift was nothing more than a toy, and any serious project should be built in Objective-C: well, yeah, you nailed it. But the open-sourcing of Swift was not necessary to realise that Objective-C is already dead. It is fun how some developers hold on to the old tools and patterns, and refuse to try anything new. But I digress, that should be a matter for another post.

Anyway, today was a good day. This is a huge step forward, not only for the language, but also for us the developers working on any Apple platform. And, in my honest opinion, it is also a huge and very needed step forward for Apple. So, to summarise:


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