Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift

Unless you have been hiding under a rock during the WWDC week, you have already heard the buzz surrounding the session named Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift.

I have to admit that, for me, it was one of those moments when a lot of the things finally click together: some of the intuitions I’ve had in the last years, the certainty that there had to be a better way, but not knowing exactly how to find it, the feeling that the Java/.Net approach to OOP leaves much to be desired, and in particular, the conviction that often times we look at the wrong abstractions, and we must abstract behaviour, and not entities.

Obviously, a session like that would not have been possible a year ago. Some of the new features introduced with Swift 2, in particular protocol extensions, make that shift in paradigm possible.

And that, to me, is precisely what is important here. Apple continues to tell us developers to think out of the box, to Think Different (that very last slide in the presentation gave me the goosebumps). Yes, we are different, we have always been different.

We are creative, resolutive, reckless, relentless people, that love thinking out of the box, and find solutions to conventional problems in an unconventional way.

We are still expected to Think Different. And I love it.

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