Category: Hardware

  • Vision Pro

    Vision Pro

    Do I want one? Yes! Do I need one? No! Can I afford one? Borderline yes. Would I get one if the answer to the previous question was a resounding yes? See next question. Do I want to give Apple even more money? No! And that’s pretty much why I did not preorder, in case…

  • The Lofree Flow

    The Lofree Flow

    The one sentence review: Cool! The slightly longer review: Oh, the fascinating world of mechanical keyboards…. I identify as a cherry blue kind of person. There is nothing like that feeling of being galloping when you are typing at your fastest possible speed, feeling 10 times more productive than you are actually are, sounding like…

  • The Opal Tadpole

    The Opal Tadpole

    The one word review: Meh The slightly longer review: I spend a significant amount of time on video calls for work. I know, that is not fun, but it is kind of a thing when you lead a remote and distributed team. Anyway, I spend a lot of time sitting on my butt looking at…