The year of the return to HK, after two very nice years in Ottawa.

Work was very stressful, specially the first half of the year, as work tends to be lately.

Fitness took a hit, so I hereby commit to turn the ship around, when it comes to general fitness and weight in the new year.

I read 180 books (fiction) plus a bunch of work/business/tech books.

Travel was up again, although not to the levels of 2019 (which is a good thing).

Overall health was good, family is reasonably well, and I am writing this while siting in a fancy hotel in one of my favourite cities in the world.

Life is reasonably good. 4.5 out of five stars ?

The year by (a very narrow subset of) the numbers:

And some of the places I have been fortunate to call home, or to just visit:


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