The Lofree Flow

The one sentence review:


The slightly longer review:

Oh, the fascinating world of mechanical keyboards….

I identify as a cherry blue kind of person. There is nothing like that feeling of being galloping when you are typing at your fastest possible speed, feeling 10 times more productive than you are actually are, sounding like you are going to crush through any bugfix / project delay / team performance issue, feeling all commanding, sending the most articulate thoughts you have been able to put together in your life, carried away by that sound.

But your awesomeness can be annoying to those around you, when you are emitting decibels at such capacity.

Enter the Lofree Flow. A low profile aluminum frame keyboard, wireless, with Mac layout and function keys, that still sounds great if you get it with the Phantom Switches (tactile).

I like keyboards with a bit more travel, but this one checks a lot of boxes: relatively light, battery life is good, sound is great, typing experience is excellent, awesomeness factor when typing is high.


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